Here at Anything But Cute we love to see all the seasoned and expert mixed media artists, but we also want to encourage those who are just getting their feet wet. Our design team will always be on the lookout for these exceptional artists, and you just never know when we might be giving out something special to a talented mixed media newcomer.
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Introducing Pamellia

Hello Everyone!

Today I am here to introduce you to the final member of the Anything But Cute design team, and that would be me!! I am also the owner and designer so if anyone ever has a question, please feel free to leave a comment or click the "Send us an email" button in the sidebar. A little bit about me...

Hello Everyone! My name is Pamellia Johnson and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my wonderful husband and our two little girls, Scully (a teacup Maltese) and Pebbles (a teacup black Pomeranian).

When I was just a kid, I spent several weeks dumping the cereal and crackers out of every box I could find, so that I could build a doll house, complete with pots and pans in the kitchen and throw cushions on the couch. It took up half of the attic and I got in so much trouble, but oh what fun I had! Not much has changed since then. I still dump the cereal out so I can use the box and I still have so much fun crafting, I just don't get in trouble any more! lol

I think what I enjoy making the most is handmade cards. In the past I have mostly created in a shabby chic style but I have recently discovered the messy and oh so fun world of mixed media and it has stolen my heart. Whenever possible, I try and make every aspect of my projects by hand. I prefer to make my own backgrounds and flowers, I dye my own ribbons, I even make some of my embellishments out of clay. I find such a sense of accomplishment in knowing that I made it myself.

I have chosen a few of my favourite mixed media projects so you can get an idea of my style.


First up two of my favourite cards on opposite ends of the style spectrum, but both represent first experiences with mixed media. I really enjoy the soft pastels and spring theme of the first one, this was my first time playing with using 3d elements to create texture. The second card was my first ever attempt at steampunk, and I thoroughly enjoyed the grungy feel.

This next project I called my Bunk-Bed Button Box. It was so much fun to make and it still sits on my desk full of fancy gold buttons. I made this out of pizza boxes and drew the template myself.

This is my very first mixed media canvas and also my first time giving mixed media flowers a try, something I'm completely hooked on now. I really love the contrast with the colours and playing with crackle paint is always fun!

My dragonfly trinket box was my first time ever altering a wooden piece. I made so many mistakes with this project and learned so much! This was also my first mixed media project using the ink sprays, oh what fun!

This was a very recent project that I made and, once again, I had to eat a lot of pizzas in order to build it. It was my first time ever creating something with a fantasy theme and I really enjoyed the whimsy feel to this.

This is my biggest and baddest project to date. I had no idea when I pulled out those first pizza boxes last year, what a huge task I was about to undertake. I also had no idea how much fun I was going to have building it!

5 trips to the dollar store, 4 pizza boxes, 3 weeks of my life, 2 containers of black paint and a partridge in a pear's my favourite creation ever! If you would like to check out a billion close-up pictures of my Halloween House  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL POST

I would like to send a special thank you to the lovely and talented ladies who have come on board with me for this next leg of my crafty adventure. I also want to thank all of you for your wonderful support. I am really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with for our challenges!!

Don't forget, here at ANYTHING BUT CUTE, we love to see all the seasoned and expert mixed media artists, but we also want to encourage those who are just getting their feet wet. Our design team will always be on the lookout for these exceptional projects and artists. You just never know when we might be giving out something special to a talented mixed media newcomer. We all have to start somewhere, right?
Make sure to mention in your post that you are new to the mixed media arts.

See you on May 5th!

Happy Crafting! Pamellia :)


  1. Big Congratulations Pamellia on putting together such an amazing challenge blog and thank you so much for giving me opportunity to be a part of this amazing Design Team! Let the adventure begin!

  2. Congratulations on your very own challenge blog. You have such incredible attention to detail to go along with your incredible talent so this will be a great success. The team you have assembled is top notch (if I do say so myself - lol) and should provide some pretty wonderful inspiration for your followers.

    I wondered what projects you would choose to showcase your fantastic work considering how many there are but I love the variety you picked.

    I am excited and honoured to be on your team and looking forward to the ride.


  3. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS Pamellia on assembling such a wonderful DT, your challenge blog will be lots of fun to follow and join in with, looking forward to your launch day!

    Some amazing projects you have chosen for us to see your style and creativity, each one is fantastic, your Halloween House is outstanding and mind blowing!

    Only 5 days! :-) xxx

  4. Well Girl...I know that this will be a HUGE success!! Just hit the follow you have a blog button that we can display to promote you??!! Can't wait to see what you all come up with for the 5th!!
    Take care,

  5. Congratulations once again Pamellia and looking forward to you challenges starting.
    Julie x

  6. Big Congratulations, Pamellia, on your own fantastic challenge blog! Thank you very much for choosing me to be a part of such an amazing DT! Can't wait for our first challenge to start :)
    Big hugs :)
    Branka xxx

  7. Congratulations you have done a wonderful job putting this all together . Looking forward to the challenges.

  8. It was lovely to see your fabulous Halloween project again and all the other beautiful creations too. I didn't realise that you live in my home town! I just know that your new challenge blog will be a great success, with so many talented designers being involved. Huge congratulations to you and the team! Hugs, Anne xx

  9. Hi Pamellia,

    So lovely to see all your projects from the past, I have watched you grow with these, stunning creations back then and even more stunning now, cannot wait to see what you bring us in the future, you truly are an inspiration to us crafters.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. Gosh, I honestly don't know how you managed to choose from all your magnificent portfolio Pamellia, each and every one should be compulsive viewing! These all look fantastic and I'm particularly happy to see the brilliantly intricate spooky house. Looking forward to seeing inaugural challenge. Nicola x

  11. All your pieces are amazing Pamelia

    Looking forward to the new Challenge

  12. Well huge congratulations Pamellia, your own challenge, although I am not surprised. Another outlet for your huge talent. Looking forward to seeing the first challenge. I adore your artwork each and every one . Tracy x

  13. What a fantastic selection of projects you chose to share, Pamellia. Your house is just fabulous. Oh what patience you must have. I love that your projects are all so different and that each embellishment and layer has been made by you.

    Congratulations on the new blog. Looking forward to seeing all the projects from the DT and - hopefully - joining in the challenges. xx

  14. You really have a great team Pamellia and with you steering this challenge will be a great success. I also don't know how you chose your favourites as all your work is stunning but I did love the spooky house and your recent mirror mirror...keep eating those pizzas..LOL. Looking forward to 5th...not long now xx

  15. These makes are amazing and that halloween project I can see why it took so long, the detail is just incredible!! You are truly talented and I am honoured to be on your team, to work alongside you. Can't wait to see more inspiration you throw our way!!
    Georgie xx

  16. This is all so exciting Pamellia and sure to be a success with you and your talented team setting the example of how to create FABULOUS art work! Loved seeing your examples, although how you could pick so few is a mystery - if you'd asked me to pick you would have been all day loading them in!! Wishing you all the very best! Look forward to the 5th!! Hugs, Chrisx

  17. Bubbles, it seems like it was only yesterday you sent me the email about this new venture here at Anything But Cute! You are an awesome mixed media artist, a lovely person and an Amazeballs team leader. Not to mention a wonderful furry baby mommy. I do enjoy all your makes but have to say I lean towards your first Steampunk project. Amazeballs! It is fantabulous to be on this team and we are gonna have a blast! All my teamies are fantastic-Hugz to you all and Big Hugz to you Bubbles! ~Doc

  18. Loved the story of the dolls house Pamellia, and a great overview of your lovely work! Look forward to see what eevryone come up with on the 5th!

  19. Congrats to Pamellia! Her creations are gorgeous (that haunted house is incredible! and she's such a sweetheart!

  20. Congratulations to Pamellia! Your projects are amazing!

  21. Pamellia,

    Where shall I start? First up, CONGRATULATIONS on pulling together a fabulous mixed media challenge blog...I know in my heart of hearts it's going to be a huge success!

    Secondly, you have chosen some of my absolute favorites of yours here, although they are all favorites! It is a treat to go back in your blog to see your beginnings, and truly see amazing growth, although you have always had that special Pamellia style! You know how much I appreciate 3 D work, and your Halloween House (wish it were MY Halloween house!), the Bunk Bed Button Box, and now the Magical Queen's Vanity are all testament to your amazing creativity, attention to detail, and crafting and engineering ingenuity! I think there was a certain birdhouse project that really drew me in, as well!

    I loved hearing about your thing for cereal boxes and the dollhouse you built as a child. I knew we had something crafty in common, and now my daughter has a touch of it, too!

    I am so proud and honored to be a member of your Design Team here at Anything But Cute! It's going to be a fun, creative journey! Thank you for putting your faith in me! Huge hugs, my friend!

    See you, the rest of the amazing team, and everybody else here on May 5th!

  22. Congratulations on pulling together such a fabulous team for this new mixed media challenge. I think it is going to be a fun journey and I look forward to joining in. Jennie x